Dress Code Rule #3:
Jeans Casual

Very casual dress code

Welcome to DCR3, also known as “Jeans Casual,” where you can be comfortable but also maintain a degree of formality.  If you work in a place that prides itself on being professional without being rigid, this is the workplace dress code rule for you. It’s also a great dress code rule for events where you want to have comfortable but appropriate attire.  Nice jeans (not faded or ripped!) are the centerpiece of this dress code rule.  Pants made of corduroy or more rugged material are also great.  All women’s skirts are ok, as long as they aren’t too revealing.  All men’s shirts should have a collar and should always be tucked in, except for some polo shirts and sweaters. Under this dress code rule, slippers, flip flops and tennis shoes are not allowed.  But there is no limit on women’s heels.  So if you want to look professional without being too casual, DCR3 is for you!


Examples of
Jeans Casual Wear for Women

Examples of
Jeans Casual Wear for Men

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