Dress Code Rule #4:
Slacks Casual

Very casual dress code

Welcome to DCR4, also known as “Slacks Casual,” where you can have an optimal look without being extremely formal. Men’s and women’s slacks are the centerpiece of this dress code rule. Tops should be nice and business-appropriate. Women’s heels should not be too high and men’s shoes should be leather with a small heel.  Slip-on leather shoes are great, but tennis shoes and canvas materials are definitely not.  DCR4 allows for you to be comfortable but still highly presentable to your clients and colleagues. It is also perfect for events where you want to be formal, but don’t necessarily want everyone wearing suits. So, if you want a crisp, sharp look that is just a step below the most formal dress code rule, DCR4 is for you!


Examples of
Slacks Casual Wear for Women

Examples of
Slacks Casual Wear for Men

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